What is SafeWave?

SafeWave technology allows people to use their mobile phone on a healthier and more sustainable basis
Everyone agrees on the need for more research. Here at Savu we have taken the research and developed it into a technical solution that reduces the risk.
A range of biological effects have been shown to occur from mobile phone radiation below the current SAR limits.

However, what is clear is that, if you remove the biological effects then there cannot be any resulting health effects, whatever they might be.
SafeWave technology applies a neutralising signal over the emitted mobile phone signal, which has been proven to reduce these biological effects.
SafeWave technology protects you from the possibly harmful biological effects caused by mobile phone radiation
Based upon extensive scientific research, we have developed patented technology that can be fitted within a mobile device, that reduces the risks associated with exposure to mobile phone radiation.

What is the Neutralising Signal?

The neutralising signal is a low frequency signal that, when superimposed over the local RF field, negates the ability of the mobile phone RF signal to trigger a biological response. The neutralising signal is a random magnetic field in the frequency range referred to as extremely low frequency (ELF).

The effective range of the neutralising signal covers the immediate vicinity of the phone. This coverage is adequate because the RF signal diminishes at the same rate as the neutralising signal. After entry into the body, the RF field decreases exponentially with distance. Similarly, the neutralising signal also decreases exponentially with distance.

The neutralising signal doesn’t affect the phone signal in any way as it operates at a completely different frequency to the operating frequency of the mobile phone. The neutralising signal’s frequency (30Hz – 100Hz) is several orders of magnitude below the operating frequency of the phone (0.8GHz - 5GHz).

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