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iPhone cases

SafeWave iPhone cases provide a simple and convenient way of using SafeWave technology with your existing iPhone.
iPhone cases are certified by Apple through the Made for iPhone (MFi) Development program. Charge and sync your phone using your standard lightning connector cable and the case’s female lightning port.

SafeWave protection

Pass-through lightning

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Compatible with iPhone 11 coming soon 12 & 13
Thermoplastic polyurethane light-weighted cover
Raised edges to protect iPhone screen
Thin construction

Quality you can
depend on

Thermoplastic polyurethane light-weighted cover

Stable and durable

Coming soon

SafeWave protection technology

Qi wireless charging standard

Micro USB connector

USB-C connector

SafeWave wireless charging tags provide safeWave protection technology and also enable your phone for wireless charging. wireless charging tags are compatible with phones with usb-c and Micro USB charging ports. plug your tag into your phone’s charging port and place a protective case over the top of the wafer thin tag.


Compatible with Android phones
Thin construction
Dimension: 82mm x 51mm

Join us and help
 create a safer future

Launching soon!

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Want to protect youself and your family from mobile radition?

Safer technology for mobile phones

Creating a safer and healthier electromagnetic environment for the next generation.

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